How do I get a job in Singapore? Do I need a visa?

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By DavidC - Posted on
31 July 2012
I know someone who is a South African 20-something and a recent graduate. How does she go about getting a job in Singapore? She seems to think she doesn't need a visa to work in Singapore but I'm sure that's wrong.
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Hi David

I think South Africans are so used to jumping through hoops to get Schengen visas or visas for the UK or the US that they are often surprised by how many countries South Africans can visit without a visa. Singapore is one of them.

However although a South African doesn't need a visa to VISIT Singapore for a stay of up to three months, she won't be allowed to work or study during that time. She will need to find and apply for a job to kickstart the process of applying for an Employment Pass, the equivalent of a work permit for Singapore. Check out Visas for Singapore and Work permits for Singapore for more info.

It depends what she is a graduate in, of course, but I suspect she may have trouble getting a good job without any prior work experience. See Working in Singapore for links to job sites that might be useful.
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Hi, I am here in Singapore on a visit visa and i would like to know the procedure to find a job here. Please le tme know the formalities to find a job.



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HI there

I am from Australia and would like to work in Singapore. Is there a step by step process to follow. I am married with a three year old.

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Hi Aonymous - check out Gaby's comment above. You'll find some useful links there regarding info on visas for Singapore.
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My name is David Amankwah from Ghana.Do I need Working permit before I can work in Singapore.

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who should pay for the working visa?how much would it be? how long will it take to process?

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