How do I get English TV in Spain?

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27 April 2011
Hello. We have recently bought a house in Mallorca, Spain, and will be spending six months a year there from now. We want to be able to get English TV and are hoping we can take our Skybox from the UK to Spain. Will we be able to get English TV in Spain via Sky? And if this doesn't work, what are the other options for getting English TV in Spain? I know there are thousands of English expats in Mallorca, so I guess it must be possible. I look forward to your help!! 
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It is indeed possible to get English TV in Spain, specifically Sky TV in Spain. Legally, Sky isn't allowed to broadcast here, but hey, try to separate Brits from the newest upcoming season of Ab Fab - can't wait!

If you already have a Sky Box and Card, bring that with you and simply maintain an address in the UK to keep the account going - friends and family members can be used if necessary. When you get to Mallorca, you'll need to install a satellite dish. There are plenty of service providers, but be sure to ask the local expat community for references, some are dodgy and some do a fantastic job. Do note that the size and quality of your equipment greatly effects viewing quality as Spain is known for its weak signal strength.

The bigger the satellite dish you install the better your reception will be. If you can afford it, go for the big guy - a 2.4, it will give you better access to the English TV channels you know and love. The cost usually runs between 400 to 700 pounds, depending on quality.

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I lived on the Costa Blanca for nine years. We installed a large 2.4 metre dish, plus a Freeview box bought in the UK. On this we had about 95% of the channels that you can receive in the UK. Spanish television is gross, totally dire! We only used it for the news and weather.

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