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on 15 Sep 2015
Hi! I am a single Indian woman, evaluating an option of moving to Netherlands. For the last 18 odd years, have been working in the marketing communication space. Was wondering if anyone could help me with the following questions: 1. how easy or difficult is it to move to the Netherlands and get a job? 2. Would i be able to get a job in marketing and-or communication? 3. I was, however, also wondering if I could make a change in my profile. I like education and training as a stream. And thought that since there are a number of people from Europe who move to India for work, are there ... sort of orientation programmes that companies undertake to help employees on what to expect from India when you land there? are these kind of jobs available? 4. Any other ideas on what i could do? would really appreciate any help I can get. Thanks so much!
Dheeraj K on 10 Mar 2017
Hi I am Dheeraj from India planning to move to Netherlnads for pursuing a two year masters programme. Could anyone please let me know about the cost of living.