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Posted by Kushal Desai
on 28 May 2017
I heard people saying it takes 60 working days to get a Work VISA from South Africa. Is that true? Please confirm. If not, how much time it actually takes to "receive" a critical skills work VISA after submitting the documents through VFS Global.
Your quick reply on this will give a big relief to me.
Shantalie on 1 Jun 2017
Hi Kushal,

From my experience the process for getting a normal work visa can take 60 days or even longer as all applications now go through the Department of Labour as well. 

Critical skills may be faster but it really does depend on your situation. I've heard of applications being turned around in a couple of months and then other people waiting over a year. It is really hard to give accurate processing time when it comes to the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa.

I assume you'll be applying from overseas which should speed up the process.

For some good background information I suggest you take a look at the Visas for South Africa page. 

Have you already secured a job offer? Will you be working with a immigration consultant to process your visa?

Good luck 

Kushal Desai on 2 Jun 2017
Thank you so much for your reply, Shantalie! I need to start searching my job after getting the VISA. I'm working as a Software Test Engineer/Quality Analyst in India. I have around 3 years of experience. I submitted all the required documents for Critical Skills Work VISA. A small request, I follow @HomeAffairsSA on Twitter, shall I post my question to them directly on Twitter? I'm afraid of doing it because that doesn't look good asking about my VISA on Twitter. Please suggest...
Shantalie on 7 Jun 2017
Hi Kushal,

I don't think it would effect you negativley if you asked a legitimate question on twitter.

Also remember that VFS do not determine the outcome of your visa - that is decided by the Dept of Home Affairs.


Kushal Desai on 7 Jun 2017
Hi Shantalie, I'm hoping this process will complete soon and I receive my VISA quickly. I will be in touch with you and Megan. Hats off to you both for being so helpful. Thanks & Regards, Kushal Desai
Pratik86 on 26 Oct 2017
Hi Kushal, Did you received your Critical Skill Work Visa?
Anonymous (not verified) on 28 Mar 2018
I am studying for a Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management with the University of Unisa. So will I automatically qualifies for Criticall visa after completing the qualification since it fell under the Critical skills category Regards Oswell