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Posted by Prasanth
on 5 Feb 2017
Hi i'm jagan i have doubt about getting electric-tech visa for qatar,actually i'm from india(south),apparently no one's offering me clear knowledge about this, There are few things i have to be get clarified *I'm applying professional visa how many days it take to dispatch *I have to sign right when i'm applying for visa form *I'm a engineer is that possible to earn 65k for a month *If there is consultancy is scam how do i can find it
Shantalie on 7 Feb 2017
Hi there,

I can't find any reference online for the consultant in Qatar. But Spot Engineering does have a LinkedIn profile. That alone doesn't make them legitimate though.

Have you formally met a representative from either of these companies yet? Also have they asked for any money yet? Usually asking for money upfront raises suspicion. In most cases consultants should be getting their fee from the employer.


Anonymous (not verified) on 6 Feb 2017
Thanks for the reply,the consultancy is so called as MORNING EVENING(QATAR) consultancy they gonna offer us professional visa.And my india consultant name SPOT ENGINEERS AND CONSULTANT would you help us ia there any consultancy there are else they are using us
Shantalie on 6 Feb 2017
Hi Prasanth,

Visa processing times can vary. Have you spoken with the company that you'll be work for.

Also what is the name of the agency you are using to obtain the visa? Perhaps other users of our forum have experiences to share.

Read more on the Visas for Qatar page.

Anonymous (not verified) on 13 Apr 2017
If one left Qatar in 2014 and the company has not cancelled the visa band now 2017 got a n other job and want a to come back what can i do