on 2 Apr 2016
Hello All, I have plans of relocating to KL in June from India, I am looking out for schooling, Any advise on GIIS - Brickfield, Primarily I am looking for CBSE - I syllabus. My future office is in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Please advise on travel time from Brick field to Petaling Jaya. Also advise on Condo's or Houses in near the school.. My compensation would be around ~20K.. Is that a reasonable to manage a living in KL. Appreciate all the advise here .. -S
Shantalie on 4 Apr 2016
Hi there,

Cost of Living really depends on your lifestyle. I would however advise you to negotiate a schooling allowance into your contract.

Have a look at the Cost of Living in Malaysia page for a general overview. 


Anonymous (not verified) on 5 Apr 2016
Thank you Shantalie for the update & the link
Jen Nichol on 17 Apr 2016
Hi , I am local, from Malaysia. There are a lot of condo's/apartment (old & new) around Brickfield's area. Time travel will all depend on the traffic condition. If the road is clear , you will able to reach Petaling Jaya around 20 mins (by car). I came across this webpage that can help expat like you to survive in KL. A lot info on transportation , school and so many more. www.kualalumpurkids.com