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on 7 Oct 2015
Hello, I'm planning to relocate to Singapore with my family (I will receive an Employment Pass). I have two kids (ages 4 and 6) and am looking into local schooling. One thing that remains unclear to me are the fees payable for International Students. The website of MOE indicates that the MONTHLY fee for primary school for non-ASEAN international students is 500 SGD per month(!) However, I'm also finding websites that state this is the ANNUAL fee, including the education guide on this very website. Could someone please clarify? Also, are there any allowances offered by the government that could make the cost more bearable? Thanks!
Shantalie on 12 Oct 2015

Hi thomasstok,

I'll share your question on our social media networks...Hopefully someone will be able to clarify.

You should also consider contacting schools directly.

Good luck