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on 13 Oct 2015
I live in Calgary Alberta Canada. I was just asked my salary expectation for a Cost Control/Finance position in Kuala Lumpur. How much can I ask for in US dollar, being a single mom with 2 kids?
Shantalie on 15 Oct 2015
Hi Fatouchka,

Your salary expectations should be in line to maintain/improve the lifestyle you currently have

Use the Cost of Living in Malaysia page to assist you.

What type of schooling do you want for your kids?



Anonymous (not verified) on 18 Jan 2016
How much ur salary?for me as single mother i have 2baby with one filipino maid,house rental a studio rm1500+Utility bill around RM300+milk for baby Because use enfagrow and enfalac RM2000+school rm1500+Diapers for baby Rm600+RM1300for house food and stuff, everything is high for expat,u need at least 7k salary for life