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Posted by nic.0448
on 24 Feb 2018
I am going to Hanoi, Vietnam in April for about 8 months to study and work. I take prescription medication daily and need to bring these with me. So far, I have found out that I can only take 10 days of personal medication with me into Vietnam. Has anyone else been in the same situation? It makes it very difficult if I only have 10 days worth - that means I will have to find a doctor as soon as I get there and hope he prescribes me the right medication and I receive 'decent' medication from the pharmacy. I have heard quite a few concerning comments and reviews about the quality of medications in Vietnam! I am also looking into having my medication sent to me from Australia - anyone experienced this also? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Daniela de Castro on 1 Mar 2018

Hi Nic

Bringing prescription medication into a new country can be tricky, and having your medication sent to you could become a time consuming and frustrating process. If you're planning to be in the country for as long as 8 months it might be easier to see an English speaking doctor in Vietnam to get a local prescription and advice on which pharmacies are most trustworthy. 

In Vietnam's large cities like Hanoi, it is relatively easy to get medication over the counter and without a prescription. Have you checked if this is the case with your medication? 

If you're concerned about the quality of the medication, Expat Arrivals has a page on medicines and pharmacies in Vietnam which will give you useful tips on how to make sure your medication isn't expired or a counterfeit. Why not ask your employer for advice on which pharmacy and doctor you should use? 

- Daniela