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Posted by sabitaabiraman
on 19 Aug 2017
I am currently living in India and my brother lives in Canada and is a citizen. I wish to immigrate to Canada. I am planning to join a diploma course in computer programming for 2 years at Algonquin University. After completing my course I wish to apply for a work permit and hopefully will get a job in the same field and then apply for Canadian residency. I am above 40 and was thinking if this is the right way to go about immigrating to Canada.
EmmaL on 21 Aug 2017
Hi Sabitaabiraman

It is definitely a good idea to further your studies. Have a look at our page on work permits in Canada. What is your nationality? What are you currently doing?

Your age shouldn't be a problem, and it appears that what you are planning could work. Check out the Canadian immigration site for more information here

Good luck!
Anonymous (not verified) on 21 Aug 2017
Thank you Emma. I am an Indian citizen. I work at JP Morgan Chase call center.
Anonymous (not verified) on 1 Dec 2017
iam filipino and presently worked here at ksa as product movemnet operator in oil base refinery company. i want to move in canada after my contract end in what agency or website can help me process my visa or can help me to move in canda. thank you for the answer.