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on 18 Jan 2015

I have been offered a job in Lagos

I understand my family and I will be on a str visa.

Is there a process whereby I can sponsor my mother and get her a residency visa during my employment in Nigeria.

Currently in the UAE, I am able sponsor her on the basis of my own residency visa.

Thanking for any help and guidance in advance.


ah on 23 Mar 2015
Dear Dee Thank you very much. Do you know what procedure i need to follow or if there is any information regarding the process or contact info. thanks ah
Dee Simon on 18 Mar 2015
Hello Ah, Definately you can get your mum. Residency visa, but first I will dvice you get her a visiting visa nd while she's with you In Nigeria, you can go to the immigration in Ikoyi nd nany immigrtion officer can help in mking sure she gets. Residency visa, bt @ the same you need to be very careful becuse some Nigerians if they figured that you need help in doing some things they might wnt to rip u off and wnt you to pay for what is meant to be free. Jst be smart enough.
Anonymous (not verified) on 24 Apr 2015
Hello Ah, Well where are you flying from? I can guarantee you there is problem coming to Nigeria. Was your first contract a bad experience? The only thing I can't guarantee is if you are living in the Northern States of Nigeria, it might not be safe outhere. Bt Lagos, Abuja I can tell are where the expatriates can live with peace of mind
alisska_leto on 24 Apr 2015
I wonder what does your embassy says about a trip to Nigeria nowadays? I am now preparing for my new contract, watching the Nigeria News on and I really have plenty of doubts if it is worth to fly now..