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on 29 Jun 2014
I am from Inida and I got job in Libya. I am going to fly from India on July 7th, can I take my wife with me?

Please explain the process of taking my wife with me to Libya.

Thank you
Xavier on 30 Jun 2014
Hi there

It is difficult to tell by looking at online sources. I suspect that with the issues there, the information that is online may be out of date. The best suggestion I can make is to contact your closest Libyan embassy or consulate directly.

There is a good chance you will have to get a separate visa for your wife, and this may take some time.

It is worth noting that the British Foreign and Commonwealth office has advised against all but the most essential travel to the areas in and around Tarabulus (Tripoli), while it advises against travel to Benghazi and much of the rest of the country.

The safety situation might be worth considering when you decide whether or not you want to pursue this. Have a look at our Moving to Libya page for a bit of context and links to pages about other issues that face people moving to the country.

Best of luck,

Xavier on 25 Sep 2014
Hi there

The governments of the UK, Canada, USA and India have all advised against all travel to Libya given intense fighting and kidnappings in southwest Tripoli and Benghazi. Tripoli Airport, for example, has been closed for some time. 

I think it may be in your best interests to delay, and keep an eye on the situation until it becomes more stable. It is, however, your choice.

Best of luck,

Anonymous (not verified) on 24 Sep 2014
Hi Xavier, I have received a Managerial job in an European Hospital that is still in Construction mode in Benghazi outskirts.I am an woman and there are expensive Expat villas and cars provided for me for my job. I have to travel alone now, Do I join now or in October/November or wait? How much is it safe to join as a woman there ?Should I take up the opportunity though people there are joining back.

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