Importing a car to Turkey

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By Stefania Romano - Posted on
16 June 2011
Do you have any idea of the custom procedures and costs related to the customs for the entry of a car coming from EU to Turkey (Istanbul)?
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Importing your car to Turkey is a complicated procedure that requires much patience, more documentation, and payment of roughly 6000 Euros - so you should definitely decide how attached you are to your auto before starting the process.

The whole process is regulated by the Touring and Automobile Club of Turkey, or TTOK; and is only allowed for those foreigners who will be coming to Turkey on a temporary residence permit (work permit), as a retired person, or as a resident student. If you do not fall into one of these categories you cannot import your car to Turkey.

If you do, then you can import your car, but you will need to get an "Alien Vehicles Temporary Entrance Carnet" - a document obtained from the TTAA. This document is granted only once you have submitted countless other documents - most proving safety of the vehicle, ownership of the vehicle and your write to live and work in Turkey.

It also stipulates that the imported car cannot be sold, lent or rented to anyone else in Turkey, and only officially registered persons are allowed to drive it.

If you're okay with this, then you can anticipate paying the following fees:

Transportation of the vehicle

The Carnet fees to TTOK

Security deposit (returned to you when you go abroad)

Customs fees

Insurance (green card)

Tax fees

Notary fees

All of which come to roughly 6000 Euros. Then still, you'll have to get a special license plate and will only be allowed to have the car in Turkey for six months out of every 12-months.

What other questions do you have? I will try my best to answer them...

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While some of these comments are relevant, having just completed the process it is not that complicated if you fall into the correct catagories of entitlement to import a vehicle into Turkey and certainly not as expensive if you are wise in the choice ofthe age and engine size of your vehicle. The process took only hours once all the documents were in order.

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I have a peculiar situation here. I have been in Turkey since sept, 2010. I will be going back to my country in july 2012. I want to buy a car in UK and drive it to Turkey for only 3 months. I dont want to pay any money as the car is already UK registered. I will be driving the car back home. Is that possible?

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Im finding it a nightmare: Have a car here - 2nd one - What is the situation for UK Citizens WITH Turkish Residency; can I import the car already here on Turkish soil? Was NEVER TOLD "Six Months in - Six Months Out" and has cost me a fortune. Also when did the six in and out come into law; first car in in Dec 2011, and out May!! ;-( Thanks

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I am Greek married with Turkish man living in Turkey i want to bring my car that my dad just transfer to my name and delete totally from Greece and put Turkish plates as we are living anymore in turkey. Because of my marriage they have give me visa for 1 year.Is it possible and what exactly i need because i cant find any help from the offices here in Turkey.the car is year 2003 a mazda tribute 2000cc.or would be better to transfer it to my husband name that is Turkish and bring it?

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Bringing a car into Turkey has always been a major headache. Unless it has A/C and is a lefthand drive, I would not bother. be aware that if over a 1600cc engine, the motor tax gets higher. Also if a 4 wheel drive then it is much more expensive than a 2 wheel drive. Unfortunately 2nd hand car prices here are very expensive compared to prices in the UK. At present if you bring in a car from abroad it can only stay for a max of 6 months then must be taken out of the country for 6 months

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Are right -hand cars allowed into Turkey from Japan?

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As previously stated, contact Touring and Automobile Club of Turkey, or TTOK. They will be able to answer all questions related to importing cars into Turkey. As for R/Hand drive cars, I would not recommend bringing one here, although some people (far and few) do so.

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