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on 20 Jun 2012
Hello!! I am looking to make a move to Hong Kong from the UK and am seaching for good and reliable job boards, job sites or recruitment sites. I would be looking primarily in hte Insurance, defence, aviation and logistics industries but really I'd be interested in anything!! Any help would be much appreciated!! Many thanks, Ed
Anonymous (not verified) on 7 Aug 2012
The people of Hong Kong do not like the UK, American people, many make problem with HK culture and tirad mebers have to run them out. Just telling you how it is here...
GabyS on 8 Aug 2012
Hi Ed

Not sure why Anonymous is trying to scare you, but if you would like to know more about expat life in Hong Kong take a read through some of these interviews with expats for a glimpse of what life is really like in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city with a large expat community and I think you'll find you're unlikely to be run out of town by triad members unless perhaps you're some sort of wannabe drug baron. ;)

If you're looking for the best jobs listing sites in Hong Kong, you can try Best Jobs Hong Kong (, Monster Hong Kong (, Jobs DB ( or Recruit ( - which are the most popular ones. For expat jobs you could also try Expat Jobs in Hong Kong ( or GeoExpat (

Before you start hunting, have a look at our Working in Hong Kong and Doing Business in Hong Kong pages for more info.

Good luck!