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Posted by laurawilmington
on 10 Dec 2016
My partner and I are interested in visiting the Algarve area in order to learn more about the area to think about relocating there from the USA. Can anyone suggest a place to stay as our base while exploring the area?. We live on the NC coast now, love the beach, kayaking, snorkeling, cafes, good food and wine, and the chance to make new friends. He's 66, I'm 58. Thanks for any ideas for our first trip which we're planning for April. Thanks!
Shantalie on 12 Dec 2016
Hi Laura,

I'm sure you'll love the Algarve. Where exactly you stay will depend on your personal preferences so I advise you to do lots of research online before making a decision. 

A good place to start is with the Expat Guides to Portugal and the Algarve

Alijezur is a popular choice on the coast and it already has a fairly large expat community. 

Do you have any contacts in Portugal already? Why did you pick Portgual over other destinations?



Anonymous (not verified) on 13 Dec 2016
Thank you both for reaching out. I'm doing my research at the same time I'm asking these questions so I'll know more soon. We chose to visit Algarve first because of the many positive comments on the climate, affordability , large expat community, the friendliness of the area, and it seemed like a good place to find out more about. I realize we have to visit to get a feel for the area so I was trying to figure out a base point to stay so we can drive around to and from various areas and get a sense of what feels like a good match for us. We like access to activities (he dances, I'm one to meet new girlfriend and enjoy female friendships) so we want enough choices fairly nearby to have variety. We like privacy but not remoteness. We ride bikes, love the beach, having good medical facilities fairly near by,. We're friendly and eager to plan this trip. Yes, I will keep learning more via the Web but we don't know anyone there so a suggestion or two on a central place to stay that is safe and convenient would be wonderful. . I've spent time in northern Portugal but don't know the south at all. I'll read the guides but figured it couldn't hurt to post here for feedback from those that live there giving me their thoughts. Thank you! Laura
Anonymous (not verified) on 12 Dec 2016
Hello, I was searching something about NZ and I found this ... I live in Algarve. What do you want to know?
Anonymous (not verified) on 26 Apr 2017
I would like to become an expat and retire in the Algarve area. I still want to work. I am a licensed professional Clinical Counseling with 10 years experience with people who have disabilities or mental health issues. Can I find a job here?