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Posted by nazheer
on 19 Jan 2017

Dear admin

Its urgent please help me. Thanks in advance.

i came on a vacation for three months from ksa on oct 24 and my return ticket is on jan 21st . i didnt noticed that my iqama expired 10 days before the return flight.

My question is can i go back to ksa on another visa with the same company and or with the new company?

And can i try for another country of GCC?
Meagan on 20 Jan 2017
Oh, I understand, you left KSA on vacation - I thought you meant you'd been to KSA on vacation. So just to confirm: you're going back to KSA for work now, but your Iqama has expired? Are you working for the same company or starting a new job?
Meagan on 19 Jan 2017
Hi, an Iqama is only issued for work or dependents, not for tourism/visiting purposes. So I'm not sure I understand your question. How did you get an Iqama if just visiting?
nazheer on 19 Jan 2017
Thanks for your replay meagan . Actually its not tourism visa . its work visa. I came to India on vacation after my two years contract.
Anonymous (not verified) on 10 Mar 2017
Came to saudi on work visa but want to return back to India as the company is not prompt in paying the salary on time. The situation is that if i continue here to complete 2 years of contract i will land up in total debt I have not even completed 3 months they have not even taken my iqama. how can i return back to India. Joining in this company was a total trap Even the travel agent Nazer overseas knew about this trap.