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Posted by Subrata Sinha
on 17 Sep 2016
is it necessary to get work permit visa before entering Abu Dhabi
Anonymous (not verified) on 18 Sep 2016
Hi good evening. Two things for me : 1 How do I search for available jobs in Dubai. 2 Is it after securing a job that I would be qualified for work permit? Thanks. Kingsley
Meagan on 19 Sep 2016
Hi there,

You mentioned Dubai but you've posted in the Abu Dhabi forum so I'm not sure which of the emirates in particular you're looking for information on? 

To find a job, try using online job portals or getting in touch with a recruitment agency. Just be sure to check the legitimacy of any job offers before accepting.

You will need a residence permit in order to apply for a work permit. Employers in Dubai usually take on the responsibility of organising a work permit for employees.

For more on working life in Dubai, click here, and you can visit this page for more on work permits.

Best of luck with your search. 

Anonymous (not verified) on 23 Sep 2016
dear please tell me how I get work visa for abu dhabhi
Meagan on 23 Sep 2016

Ideally you should find a job before relocating to Abu Dhabi - in that case, your new employer will handle most of the process, although you will still need to submit the necessary documents and go through other necessary procedures such as a medical examination. You can read more about work permits for Abu Dhabi here. You would also need to obtain a residence visa, which you can read about here.

Best of luck.