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Posted by Mohammad
on 5 Feb 2017
I AM coming to malaysia on visit visa before that i applied for DP 10visa application is under process.. Employer is asking me to come in visit visa they will convert it to the professional work permit..i Just wanted to know that is this possible...
Meagan on 7 Feb 2017
Hi Mohammed,

What kind of work are you planning on doing?

I believe you would need to apply for a work permit from outside of Malaysia, at a Malaysian embassy. For clarity, consult with your local Malaysian embassy to find out the proper process. You might find our page on Work Permits for Malaysia useful.

redape on 6 Feb 2017
I always thought that one could only obtain the work visa outside the country and not work while on a visit visa. One would have to leave the country again, perhaps back to the originating country to obtain the visa. Plus working on a visit visa could imperil the employment it's illegal. I never heard of "conversion".
Anonymous (not verified) on 3 May 2017
Hello Meagan, I hope you will be fine. i have one question that i am going to Malaysia on a visit Visa and then i will get marry with my girlfriend, can I apply for the permanent visa there in that one month?
Meagan on 4 May 2017
Hi there,

I assume your girlfriend is a Malaysian citizen?

I've done an extensive search online but I'm struggling to find an answer to your question. As far as I know, the application for the spouse visa (known as a long-term social visit pass) must be done from within the country. I'm not sure if there is a specific visa for the purpose of coming into Malaysia to get married or if this can be done on a visit visa. If your girlfriend is currently in Malaysia, I think it would be best if she contacted immigration directly with your question. Otherwise, and perhaps in addition, you should get in touch with your local Malaysian embassy or consulate

I found a blog post you may find useful: Guide to applying for a Long Term Social Visit Pass in Malaysia (Spouse Visa)
However, it appears to have been written in 2015, so a great deal may have changed since then. Elsewhere on the same blog you can find a few updates, but since this is not an official source it's best to only take this as a very basic idea of the possible steps, and still contact a Malaysian embassy or the Malaysian immigration department for clarity on the issue.

Best of luck.

Anonymous (not verified) on 25 Dec 2017
Hello meagan, Someome tell me if u want to do job in malasiya i have a visit visa in g work permit. Can u define me what the mean of that and it is a work permit visa.

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