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on 14 Apr 2011
I'm nearly on my way to the land of noodle dishes and sex tourism and was wondering what the protocol is for taking a taxi in Bangkok? Are the rickshaw looking things safe? How are fares charged? Do you tip drivers? Any other recommended ways of getting around Bangkok?
Stephanie on 14 Apr 2011
Matter of fact, Bangkok's brightly coloured taxis provide the most reliable, cost-effective service in the city for getting directly from point A to point B. All proper taxis come equipped with a meter that begins at 35 baht (roughly 1 USD) and increases by around 4 baht per kilometre. If your taxi driver refuses to use a meter, refuse to use his/her taxi and find another.

The motorcycle taxis - er, the rickshaw-looking thing-a-ma-bobs, you're asking about are pretty-much safe and reliable, just don't mind the adolescent drivers who sometimes drink too much yadong (Thai alchoholic punch). No meter on these bad boys, so take care to negotiate a price beforehand.

Otherwise, Bangkok's beloved Sky Train (BTS) is sleek, stylish and efficient; unfortunately it's not always the most efficient mode of transit - and it closes at midnight, so you'll have to take a taxi past that point.