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on 29 Jul 2014
Hi, I have been working in Austria(Graz) since December 2012. When my wife came and found a flat, then we went to GKK to enroll her in the system in order to have health insurance. She was unemployed and she had to be covered by my health insurance. But from that time point until now, GKK draws from my bank account an amount of money for my wife's health insurance.

The question is that I know 2 friendly couples, which there is no such a situation, that is the man does not pay for his wife and the last is fully covered by GKK. I have to mention that both couples have children. Did I have done something wrong at that time when I went for my wife's registration in GKK and I miss something in the "translation" with the officer there?? Thanks in advance, Vasilis
Anonymous (not verified) on 29 Jul 2014
Hi Vasilis, In Austria the health insurance is free for women who are unemployed but have children but women who are unemployed but do not have children must pay. I lived in Austria with my husband for 2 years. He worked and I did not and in the beginning we had to pay for my health insurance. Once we had a baby my health insurance was free. A friend explained to us that the Austrian government pays for health insurance once a women has children because if she is not working so she can care for the children then she has no way of earning health insurance through a job herself. The Austrian government is very supportive of families in this way. Best wishes, SD
Anonymous (not verified) on 29 Oct 2014
how much is the insurance if i(the wife) do not have insurance. i am American and my husband is Hungarian. He has a job opportunity there, but I need to be covered. Am I eligible if I am American???