Posted by IrishHigs
on 9 Jun 2016
Hi so I have been offered a job to work in a bar in Bahrain, will 350BD be okay since I dont have to pay rent,bills etc..Im currently living in London so usuallly have bills in abundance. My family dont want me to go as I wont be given proper holidays until after my 2 year contract is complete!!!!!(giving me 60 days annual leave) I have been advised I can take under a month off when Ramadan is on(unpaid though). with one day off as well.. Somehow this should put me off pursuing to move to Bahrain but I feel I need a change. Also, I have quite sensitive skin, the sun usually helps. Are the local pharmacies good for providing emollient creams etc. Is it easy to make friends? Thanks in advance:)
AlexL on 10 Jun 2016
Hi IrishHigs

Firstly, the position as a bartender- just to clarify, alcohol is forbidden for Muslims in Bahrain. However it is available at a price to everyone else over the age of 18. It is sold in specific outlets. Five-star hotels, some restaurants and expat social clubs are permitted to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises. There are also alcohol-free bars in Bahrain- which type is the job offer referring to?

Additionally, the lack of holidays for the job seem unreasonable. And I'm not sure if you are aware, but Ramadan has already begun.

Have a look at our Healthcare in Bahrain page for more on pharmacies. 

I would advise you to exercise caution with this job offer. Before agreeing to anything, make sure that it is a reputable facility and the job offer is legitimate. 

Please let me know if you find out more information.

Kind regards,
Anonymous (not verified) on 10 Jun 2016
Hi thanks for replying to my query Yes I am aware that alcohol is forbidden for Muslims ! I will be working in an English sports Bar located in one of the Ramee hotels in Manama The job itself is legitimate. Iv been corresponding with the managers there via email , Skype. Phone calls for weeks now. Think Il give it a shot !! N
Anonymous (not verified) on 25 Jul 2016
Irish Higs, Did you make the move? Maybe you could give me some advice.. I have been offered a job too and like you I am from Ireland. How are you finding it. It don't even know what questions to ask