Posted by alextittcomb1
on 6 May 2017

Hi all,

I have just received a job offer to work as a PE Teacher in the UAE for the Ministry of Education.

The job is to work in Arabic schools. Due to the recruitment agency being fairly vague I have a number of questions to ask people. If anyone on here could help me I'd be greatly appreciative.

1) has anyone got experience/ know anybody that has taught in an Arabic school, what is it like?

2) I have been offered 16 000 AED per month, will this be enough a month to live off in Dubai/ surrounding areas? Also my partner is thinking of moving out with me, is this totally illegal and will I get found out? Or can you easily get away with having your girlfriend live with you?

3) What is the transition like from moving the UK to the UAE?

4) Is it recommended to get a car?

5) how do you pay for a rental accommodation when they want so much money up front?
I think that is all for now.