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Posted by Sachin Patil
on 28 Jun 2017
Was employed in Muscat Oman in May 2015 and had employment visa+resident card up till May 2017,but I had to come back to India because of family issues and I couldn't go back to Muscat again,expired resident card and visa stamped on my passport is still with me,I am getting a offer from a company based in Dubai but I will be working IN india,I will have to go to dubai for trainings if required, can I travel to Dubai?Will I get a visa for dubai?
Meagan on 29 Jun 2017
Hi Sachin,

As far as I understand, leaving Oman without cancelling your employment/residence visa/permit would mean that you would be unable to get the equivalent employment/residence visa/permit in another GCC country until the initial permit was cancelled. However, I've never heard of anyone being denied entry to a GCC country on a visit visa (even for business purposes) because of this. So you should be okay. 

Good luck with the new job!

erfan22 on 12 Mar 2018
I had worked in Oman in 2007 for 6 months but returned to India before expiring of my work visa which was for 2 years because of family issue. Now I want to work in Dubai. Can I get a work visa in Dubai now.