Posted by Marisa78
on 26 Jan 2017

Hello. We are planning our immigration to Ireland. Our job will be in Cork city. We are 2 young adults and one toddler 2 years old. I would like to know if this budget sounds realistic to you. Thank you !

House rent : 800 euros/ month
Tv: 160 euros / year, 13 euros / month
Gym: 80 euros / month for both adults
Private health insurance:100 euros / month for the 3 of us
Food: 500 euros / month
Utilities (gas, electric, water) : 80 euros / month
Mobile phone: 100 euros / month for both adults
Internet connection: 30 euros / month
Childcare: 1.000 euros / month
Gabbage collection: 25 euros / month
Car maintanance and taxes : 250 euros / month

TOTAL EXPENSES: 3.000 euros / month (+ personal expenses, going out etc)

Am I forgeting something? Are these numbers realistic?

Our company offers us 2.200 euros net salary / month, that is 4.400 for both of us. Are we going to be ok with this money?

Anonymous (not verified) on 28 Jan 2017
That should be fine. You've the majority covered, it wouldn't be luxurious but it would be livable. You'd get a better sense of it once you're working/commuting. And then with Aldi/Lidl as food source. It should be workable and comfortable.
Anonymous (not verified) on 30 Jan 2017
Thank you so much
Anonymous (not verified) on 22 May 2017
Hi , my husband has been offered a job in city west , the salary On the advert said 75k plus . Is this enough for a family of 4 ? We have 2 boys . We plan to send both to private schools . We are not big savers and like to live a comfortable life . What would be a good salary in Dublin for a Director role ? Thank you