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Moving a dog to France

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By tompitman - Posted on
26 May 2011
We are moving to France later this year and would like to take our do with us. What is the proceedure for moving a dog to France, can we just take her on the Eurostar? Note that we may also want to take her back to England next year without having to do quarentine - I believe we can get a pet passport. Any advice?
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Thanks to Shengen rules you can now bring your pet hassle-free across the 22 borders of the member states of the EU. That means that you can bring your dog to France and back to the UK again as long as you have a pet passport.

To get a pet passport simply got a vet in your home country and ask him/her to fill out the necessary paperwork. To take your pet to France, your dog will need to have a rabies vaccination, but then to go back to the UK it's required the animal also have an electronic microchip implanted. In the past, tattoos were accepted for identification purposes, but as of 3 July 2011 this will change.

Unfortunately the Eurostar still does not allow pets on board - unless it's a guide dog, but there are plenty of air carriers that will get your furry-friend to the land of wine and cheese safe and sound. Lufthansa is well-known for their high-quality pet transfer service.
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we will go to France from Iran,on March and I would like take my dog
If it is possible give me some information about transfer.
thank you

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If bringing a dog to France from outside the EU, so from a country like Iran, the first thing you'll need to do is to make sure your dog is appropriately identified. That means that you'll need to get your animal microchipped (don't stress, chip is only the size of a grain of rice), or if your dog already has a clearly readable tattoo, that is fine too (new tattoos are no longer accepted as identification in the EU as of July 3 2011). Next you'll need to have your pet vaccinated against rabies, and then you'll also need to get a blood test to confirm the vaccination is effective. The blood test must be done at least within 3 months of your departure to France, and at least 30 days after the vaccine was administered. Lastly, you'll need to get a certificate from a certified veterinary within 10 days of your departure to France saying that your dog is healthy. The certificate must be in French. Finally, your dog must be older than three months. Good luck with your furry friend! The French love dogs, so your little one can look forward to a good life.

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As mentionned above it should be fairly easy to bring you dog accross if your animal as a pet passport wich is really easy to get from your vet.
But and it is a big but as long as your pet does not fall under the list of classified dog, if so unfortunatly you're in for a bit of a head-hake and it could also come very pricey once you ad up all the necessary requirement.
Classified dog or "dangerous dogs" as will be written on all document no matter how docile your pet is, are divided in 2 categories wich are (discriminatly) due to their breed. They must be registered at the mairie (town hall) in order to get your provisionnary permit (don't forget to ask for it if you are planning on taking your dog for walks around your new town.
Cat. 1 dogs, are what they call attack dogs, pittbull and all cat.2 dogs without all the pedigree documents. they are not allowed in public places (like markets, town centre...) transport, near schools and legally if you are renting accomodation they can throw you out of your house if you refuse to get rid of your dog, same with hotels and other accomodations.
I mention legally speaking because no one is going to ask you for the breed or what category your dog is but to keep in mind if you have a different with your landlord, he can use that as an excuse to get you out.
Cat. 2 dogs are what they call guard dogs and defensive dogs, rottweiller, staffforshire terrier, american staff... all must have all the pedigree document not to fall into cat.1
a cat.2 dog is more free of the places he can go, but all "dangerous dogs" must wear a musel and be on the leash at all times whilst ouside your property.
The list of classified dogs can be found on the ministry of interior or the agricultoral ministry web site but the easiest option would just be to get in touch with the local "police municipale" if moving to a town or the local gendarmerie if you are moving to a small village. They will also provide you a list of all the requirement for the permit.
Now the most annoying (and expensive) part, in France to own a category 1 or 2 classified dog you must have a detention permit from the mairie (town hall) as you would for a weapon, now in order to get a "permis de détention"
you must have all the following documents:
--proof of vaccinations, wich should be in the pet passport the rabbies shot as to be less than a year old as it is a yearly requirement in France
--proof of insurance, your pet must be insured (in case it bites an other animal/person) all the online pet insurance do it but they are really expensive and impossible to get if your dog is older than 5 years old. I recommend using your home containt/family insurance but you have to mention to them that the dog is categorised in order to get the necessary document for your permit. Even though all the home insurance offer pet cover only a few cover categorised dog, personnaly we use the insurance called "maif" it cover all categories and to our great surprise it was even cheaper than the one we were paying, they also gave us this great tip that if you had a previous insurance they cannot refuse that you reseign your contract without paying indemnities on the ground that, if they refuse to insure your categorised dog because it is a legal requirement they must let you go for a company that does. So they saved us money twice!
--if it is a Cat.1 dog it must be sterelised so a proof would be necessary like a copy of the bill as long as the dog name is on it, or a stamped letter from the vet. that operated on the dog with the name of the pet and the date of sterelisation.
--an "évaluation comportementale" from a local vet, this is to assess how dangerous your dog is it cost around between 100 and 150€ depending on the vet an the region. The vet (or much more often the assistant) will touch you dog a bit everywhere to see its reactions, will see if it listen to your orders and try to annoy it a little to see how it respond to being spooked/rought around a little, then he/she will walk along you on a stroll to see its reactions to people and other dogs in the street.
Once again the result will be divided in categries, 4 to be exact,
-Niveau de risque 1, good news your dog show absolutly no danger beside to other dog, you will not need to take this test again
-Niveau de risque 2, your dog respond in a frightened/unpredictible manner,
you will need to take this test every 3 years to make sure it doesn't get worst
-Niveau de rique 3, your dog might be dangerous to other people, it will need to be followed be a dog psychiatrist or equivalent
-Nieau de risque 4, your dog is dangerous and should not be let out of the property
--a certificate to prove that you have followed a training course to handle and train a dangerous dog, the list of places will be provided when you register your dog, it usually is a day long course to explain the do and don't .
You will be given a certificate at the end of the day to provide in order to get your permit. The training course cost anything between 50 to 300€ depending on where you take it, should I suggest "assossiation" and "asbl" wich usually are animal lovers and work as voluntary worker thats why I paid only 50€ when my neighbourg paid 300€ for the same course.
--for a cat.2 ,all the pedigree documents and unfortunatly unless moving in a big city will need to be translated in French by an approuved translator and that can also be quite expensive.

I hope I didn't put you off the country but you better be informed before you arrive as with all moving you probably will have tons of things to think about.
Don't worry you will be given a delay in order to round up all the necessary documentation. And don't forget to ask for your "permis provisoire" as they won't always suggest it to you. Yes they don't like extra work in the administrations.

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Im looking to move to france from the uk.i am not looking to bring my dogs back to the uk,as its a permanant i need a passport?

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The answer is yes, you will need a pet passport to cross any borders within the EU (specially Britain because of the fact that as not being part of the Schengen treaty you still need to cross the custom checks) as it ensures that all vaccines are up to dates and it is compulsory, you will be turned away by the custom agents if you tried to cross without it.

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"The answer is yes, you will need a pet passport to cross any borders within the EU"
I hope this isn't too redundant but I just want to check, if I'm bringing my dog from the US to France, does that mean I don't need a pet passport as long as I have his vaccination card? He's a schnauzer, he's just been chipped, all he needs now is his rabies shot and health certificate (don't worry I know the dates). Also, how do I get a vet to make/sign a french health certificate??

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