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By Kate Lukis - Posted on
23 November 2011
We are moving to Mumbai in January and would love some advice about rentals. We will be studying in West Santacruz so need to live nearby. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thank you Kate and Mark
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Hi Kate and Mark-

Have you checked out the Areas and Suburbs of Mumbai page? There's also some fantastic information on the Renting a property and accommodation pages, and I highly suggest you look over both before tackling the rental market. 
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Hi Kate and Mark

West Santacruz is a relatively upscale neighborhood so rentals in this area are quite high. If you move further south of Santacruz the price only gets higher! So a few things you need to consider when you are looking out for apartments is 1) Proximity to your place of study 2) Reasonably centrally located with easy access to public transport, if you will be using that 3) Price

As I said, the western suburbs, including Santacruz are slightly expensive.  A one bedroom - hall - kitchen apartment, around 50 sq meters in area would cost you a monthly rental of  USD 550-600 in Santacruz and the adjoining area of Khar. This is excluding utility payments. A more economical option may be Santacruz east, however the area may not be very appealing to expats. But to highlight the differenc in price, you could get the same 50 sq m apartment for a montly rental of around USD 350-400.

So choosing an apartment is ideally a toss up between what you can afford and convenience. If you move further north, towards the suburbs of Andheri, the rentals may increase slightly but you would find it increasingly difficult to commute to Santacruz on a daily basis. Travel time, one way could be anything from 45 minutes to an hour and a half in peak hour traffic. 

Not to worry, it is not as difficult as it may sound. Suggest not to have any preconceived notions of what your apartment or locality should / could look like. If you prefer, you can email me on so I can understand your requirements in terms of budget, study location, etc. Accordingly I will be able to advise you better. In the past few years, I have worked closely with expats helping them find accomodation and settle down to life in Mumbai, so I can always put you in touch with the right people and make the transition easier.

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Hi Kate,

Please brief me more about your rental requirement. i'm a property consultant based out of Prabhdevi, Mumbai.

i can help you with a preliminary list of properties suiting your requirement as soon as you send me your requirement. We have assisted a lot of expats to find them a home in mumbai.

Details required.

Number of bedrooms:



Furnished or Unfurnished type of apartment?:

you can reach me at


Vishal Ojha

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Hi Kate,

This is omi from Klassic Properties, you can contact me on +91 9821054760 for your requirement for your renting house in Mumbai.

Thanks & Regards


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You may contact should you be interested in PG / home stay facility for your stay.

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