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Posted by pea
on 11 Feb 2017

Hi Guys. Need your advice on something that has been bothering me for last few days. I completed my first 15 days in Abu Dhabi today. I am from outside of UAE & came here to join one of the largest bank in UAE..After joining the position here and working for a few days i realized the role is different from what was explained to me verbally during the interviews. This requires one particular skill extensively which i had very little experience on and used very little in my previous roles.Also investing time on this skill will not help me in future beyond this organization in my career progression. So want to know what could be the repercussions if i look for another job here and get an offer from some other organizations.

i) My visa stamping/ emirates ID / Insurance are work in progress
ii) My offer letter and the labor ministry document says " either party can terminate the contract without notice within the probation period " ( Which is between 3-6 months )
iii)I am expecting my line manager not to be cordial if i break the news to him.

Awaiting your response.

Anonymous (not verified) on 14 Feb 2017
Thanks for the response Meagan. While i have not lost all my hopes of getting into another role in my current company it seems a bit unlikely since there are no backups as of now. I am on the company's payroll with a fixed period contract ( 1 year ) . I am expecting to get my visa stamped in a week. Considering i resign from my current role within the probation period what impact will it have on my visa. Can i continue to stay in the country for some more time and look for other opportunities ?
Meagan on 14 Feb 2017
Hi pea,

Are you on a fixed term contract or an unlimited contract? There are slightly different rules for each. I found an article you might find useful (link here). The UAE labour laws are quite complex, however, and they've also recently changed, so it may be best to seek advice from someone with specialist knowledge of the law, such as an immigration lawyer or advisor.

Best of luck.