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on 4 Feb 2012
Hello friends, need a really quick favour from you guys. I received an offer from one of the firms in Abu Dhabi. They conducted all the background screening and security checks...all of which came positive. Now the problem is that I am on probation period in my current organisation in India and will get confirmed in the next 2 weeks. The notice period for a confirmed employee is 90 days in my current firm. So, the Abu Dhabi firm had asked me put down my resignation before I get confirmed in my current organisation in order to avoid the 90 day notice period. I am not comfortable with this situation as I need to 200% sure that I have got this job. I had received the offer letter mentioning the salary details and all other details, but I am yet to sign the actual contract with the firm. Also, the visa processing is not yet started!! Can I go ahead and ask the firm to first complete all the formalities, get the visa done and all other procedures completed..then only I shall go ahead with my resignation. I have a mortgage back home so I could not just resign from my current job unless I am 200% sure for the Abu Dhabi job offer. I don't want to be in a situation where I had resign from my current firm and for some reason...could be visa rejection for any odd reason, or any other thing due to which I could not get the Abu Dhabi offer. Hope I explained my situation...expecting quick responses from you all as my probation period is about to end. Thanks in advance.
cristy88 on 4 Feb 2012
The issue your new company may have with the 90 day notice requirement is that after a labour entry visa is granted you have to enter the UAE within 2 months of the issue date.  At that point, you can stay up to 30 days, and that is when your company would process your actual residency visa.  The residency visa process now includes registering for an Emirates national ID, and the process must occur in the UAE.

It is a bit of a gamble, but I would at least make sure you have a signed contract prior to giving notice at your current job.

Saeed Aide on 5 Feb 2012
Thanks Cristy88 for your response. I understand the visa requirements process does take time. And as you said, I would at least try to complete signing the contract aspect before I let my current organisation of my intention to leave. Thanks for your inputs...have been really confused over the past week.
Saeed Aide on 8 Feb 2012
Folks, The following is the statement I received from them when I asked them to start the visa and contract signing process before my resignation here: "I appreciate your caution but the VISA and contract cannot be finalized until after you have started work with us. It is impossible for us to do this before your resignation" How would my resignation over here affect the visa and contract signing process? I assume the person is asking for exact joining dates based on which they will proceed with the process. Any thoughts on this?? Whats the procedure like? I read it differs from nationality to nationality?
cristy88 on 9 Feb 2012
If you are required to work out a resignation period with your current company it could cause your labour entry visa to expire and the process would need to be started over. Your entry visa is temporary and separate from your residency visa, labour card, and Emirates ID that are processed by your company after your arrival.

The Ministry of Labour holds companies here to strict guidelines and deadlines, and that is probably why your new company is concerned about your resignation impeding the process. Contracts must be attested by the Ministry of Labour with specific start dates, so this is why some companies chose to have them signed after you are here.

Was the initial offer you received from them in writing, and were you required to sign off on it accepting the terms of employment? If so, you should be ok. Expat packages are not usually offered and rescinded unless there is an issue like a positive TB or HIV test during the medical screening. Seing that you have already successfully cleared the security checks, I think you'll be ok. 


Saeed Aide on 9 Feb 2012
Cristy88, your responses are so clear and to the point and of course, very much comforting to me. Thanks a lot!! That answered most of my doubts. Yes, as I said in my initial post, I did received an offer letter with terms of employment via courier from them. It also had letter of acceptance, acceptance for hotel accommodation for 5 days and another one. I signed and scanned back to them. Currently, my education certificate is under the attestation process. Hope my current firm relieves me at the earliest. So as of now, I will be getting only the labor entry visa. Is this correct? Thanks again1!!
cristy88 on 11 Feb 2012
You're welcome. Yes, if you are coming on an Indian passport you will initially get what is know as a  labour entry a.k.a. "employment visa".  This will give you 30 days in the country while your company processes your paperwork.

Saeed Aide on 11 Feb 2012
Thanks Cristy for your reply... Abu Dhabi...I'm comingggggg!!!! Thanks Cristy for answering my queries and clearing my doubts and apprehensions. You've been really helpful. Thanks again.
Anonymous (not verified) on 12 Jun 2012
hi....just want to I have got the offer in a company and I have signed and agreed the it is almost 2 months but yet I have not recd my visa..have done medical n necessary doc submitted from India...Abu dabhi employment visa for specialized economy zone are on hold by the mol n the company are following up for the when the labour minister will sanction my visa...since I have already resigned fr my cr org.. Pls let me know....Alex.
Anonymous (not verified) on 17 Jun 2012
Alex there no one to answer my query..I got an offer from a firm in abu dabhi and the Xerox copy of my passport sent to the firm. Visa os not yet recd. Foll up with the firm they say it is with labour minister m waiting for their response...let me know do they take do they take so long to process is almost 2.5 months. Pls help. I'm little worried. Tohanks
Anonymous (not verified) on 18 Jun 2012
May be...any of our experts here shall be able to share their experiences. For me..once i had given them a joining date..the visa was issued to me in 30 days' time. I know you must be in stress..but at the same must be patient too. Good luck!!
Anonymous (not verified) on 19 Jun 2012
Thanks a ton. Appreciate your response. My firm falls in the specialized economy zone and when enq with the HR they said it is with labour minister and they r not ready to answer where n for what the work visa are not getting processed. Firm in abu dabhi r foll for my visa with mol. Can anyone tell me why the delay for processing visa it is almost three mths now. Pls someone help me. I m in a fix. Alex.
Anonymous (not verified) on 28 Jun 2012
Hello. I Usmaan Umer...(even i have the same query as Alex above) want to ask that i have received a job offer from a company in Abu Dabhi it is almost 5 months the work visa has not been processed. I have been following up daily with the recruitment company they are yet to receive it. Could anyone help me does it take so long to process visa? Ameen....
Anonymous (not verified) on 10 Dec 2012
Hi, I got my initial offer letter in August 2012..It's 4.5 months and I have not yet received my visa! The government agency where I got the offer is saying the visa is still under process!!!!!!!Not sure what to do..I resigned from my last position 2 months back as the recruiter said that I will be getting the visa in one weeks time! Although technically/legally I cannot blame anyone, morally I know that this govt. agency is to blame!
Anonymous (not verified) on 10 Dec 2012
i got job offer letter from uae bank i given my all xerox of required document they told after joining you have to submit all original s to the company .my problem is my cuurent company i given resignation is that correct move i made before getting the visa
Anonymous (not verified) on 8 Jul 2013
I would like some advise on a work issue. I have just resigned from my job a week ago. I have worked with the company for a year and a half. The company is free zone and my contract is unlimited. I haven't found another job yet,after my notice period is over,can I stay on for 30days to look for work, and if so ,do I need an NOC from the company. Also, will I get a ban, and if so,for how long. Thank you.
Anonymous (not verified) on 2 Sep 2013
Hi, to get a job in Dubai is it mandatory to have a resignation in my native country and/or or resignation acceptance. Or else, after I get my job in DUBAI with my 30 day visit visa can i come and resign and join in 30 days period to the job. Which is advisable as I see the process of the work visa i see is taking a quite a long time in other cases.
Anonymous (not verified) on 3 Sep 2013
You really know your stuff. Great post.