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on 17 Jul 2014
Hi there

My husband and I are interested in spending at least some of our retirement in Madrid. Being an art lecturer, this has always been something that's appealed to me. While we would be buffeted from the economic situation to some extent, I would really appreciate any advice on whether this is practical, including whether we would possibly be able to find part-time work. If anyone has any advice on good areas to stay in, that would also be appreciated.

All the best,

Xavier on 21 Jul 2014
Hi Jenny

Given that you seem to be in a stable financial situation, moving to Madrid to retire might be viable for you.

The city does give you the best chance to find employment in Spain, although unemployment figures are still quite high. Since you don't seem to be looking for long term employment, you might find a few opportunities in tourism and teaching. Your odds will greatly improve if you can speak Spanish. 

Have a look at our Working in Madrid page for a better sense of your prospects in the city.

As you might imagine, you will have plenty of options when it comes to housing in the Spanish capital. Our Accommodation in Madrid and Areas and Suburbs in Madrid pages should be helpful in this regard.

Good luck!