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Posted by wdjunior
on 21 Nov 2016

Good afternoon.

I might have the chance of moving to Dubai with my wife and daughter. In case it´s relevant for the question I´m asking, I´m a 45 year old family man who likes spending time with his family, (water) sports and having a glass of wine in the crazy party weekends are definitely over.
After the case that was recently in the press about the british woman being raped in Dubai by two fellow citizen I´ve started doing some research about safety for women in Dubai and as always "the more you ask google, the more you get info you don´t wan´t to read".
End of the research is, that being imprisioned without a reason seems not to be uncommon in the UAE. Is this really the case or does the internet just mention the 4 or 5 same cases over and over again? Is it really easy having trouble with the law and ending up in jail? Can teenagers move around freely and meet friends etc. without parents having to drive/pick them up from everywhere? Uber safe for them?

Appreciate if I get honest replies from people who want to help and no "I hate that $%§&* place don´t go there" kind of feedback.

Just want to make sure, I´m taking the right decission for me and my family.

I´ve been to Dubai twice btw and loved it!

Thanks a lot

Anonymous (not verified) on 3 Jan 2017
I have grew up in London and travelled all over the world in many cities and without a doubt Dubai is the safest out of them all. One of the main reasons I moved to Dubai, no doubt crime happens but nowhere near as bad as in the US or UK.
Anonymous (not verified) on 3 Feb 2017
Yeah Dubai has its problems too like no footpaths,, no tube and better transport links, too many south Asian people. but in the end safety is dubais no 1 plus point. it might just be the safest place to live considering the punishment is huge for breaking the law.. if you break the law your treatment might depend on your ethnicity. so if your from south east Asia and drive a Camry/Corolla, then you will get the harsh law and might even see highly unfair treatment by the police, if your local and drive even a donkey the you will be let go with a smile and a shake of head. If your white or brown British and drive a range then you will still get the harsh law but with a serious face and a frown that suggests that you are an idiot and should not be in their country... and yes kids are free to go wherever. it is just like UK/US just your ethnicity determines your fate a lot more than it does in US/UK