Safety in Lagos for single expat women

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By rglanser - Posted on
09 March 2013
I'm wondering about how safe it is for a single woman, living on Victoria Island, to visit Lagos / go shopping etc - Is it relatively safe?
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Hi rglanser,

Despite the stories you may have heard and what the press report you'll find that many expats living in the bustling urban hubs of Lagos and Abuja feel relativley safe.

That being said, there are safety issues that expats moving to Nigeria should be aware of. Petty theft, burgarly and car jackings are quite common all over the country. But there are certain precautions that you can take to avoid getting into such situations.

So, while Lagos may not be the safest expat destination but expats adjust their liefstyles and generally start to feel safe after sometime.

Check out our Safety in Nigeria page for more information and tips on the safety concerns and how to stay safe in Lagos.

Good luck with the new job.

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Thanks for the advice - if I get the job, I'll feel fore armed! Thanks again

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There are many stories people have hesrd about safety in Lagos and although most of those stories are true, it is possible to feel safe as a woman living on Victoria Island and Ikoyi.:)
Like any big city, you need to be aware of your surroundings and not go out alone late at night. I do not recommend taking the public transport ( buses, okadas, etc.) as a woman living alone in Lagos. If possible, you should have a driver and a car while living there.
My family and I called Lagos our home for three years, and with a little common sense, you can stay safe there and have a wonderful time.:) good luck!

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