Posted by ashishgupta2184
on 6 Dec 2016

I am Ashish Gupta, planning to shift to Joburg. I have good offer to shift with my family.

I am little bit concerned about the security as i have heard and read that joburg is not at all secure for expats.
so can anybody help me to take my decision whether to shift or not.
or if shift, which place in joburg i should have my apartment.

Dos and DONTs also
Meagan on 6 Dec 2016
Hey Ashish,

It's true that there is some crime in Joburg, but being safety conscious and making sure your home and car has good security will go a long way.

I lived in Joburg some time ago for a few years and my main safety worry was vehicle smash-and-grabs, although I never experienced one. When driving, be aware of your surroundings, especially when stopped at traffic lights, and you should be fine. Also be sure to keep the car doors locked, and ideally windows should be closed. Other basic safety precautions worth following are common sense, like not leaving valuables lying around in plain sight.

South Africans are well-known for being friendly and most of us pride ourselves on being welcoming. People in Joburg have a good reputation of being even friendlier than people in other parts of the country, so I don't think you'll have any trouble there.

Here are a few links to articles you may find useful:
- Safety in South Africa
- Areas and Suburbs in Johannesburg 

Where are you from originally? Are there any other issues you're worried about with moving to South Africa?

ashishgupta2184 on 6 Dec 2016
I am from india. and i would like to live in Joburg where indian community lives. So can you tell me the places where indian community lives?
Catherine on 7 Dec 2016
Hi ashishgupta, there are a number of areas of Johannesburg with large Indian populations - these include Lenasia in the south of the city, as well as Fordsberg and Emmarentia, which are more central areas.

For a great perspective of what it's like to live in Joiburg from an Indian's perspective, have a read our interview with Srinath, an Indian expat who moved to the city to work in the IT industry.