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Posted by funintherain
on 3 Apr 2017
I have been offered a contract to come to Abu Dhabi that offers 10,000 dh a month, housing provided, as well as medical insurance and visa provided for myself. I was wondering if this is a good salary to have for a family of 3?
lukecromhout on 3 Apr 2017
Hi there,

Much of your cost of living will depend on your lifestyle and if you wish to save while in Abu Dhabi. Luckily the major expense of accommodation has been covered.

I suggest taking a look at the Expat Arrivals page on Cost of Living in Abu Dhabi which gives you a nice overview of prices and can help you work out a budget.

Also, do you plan on sending your child to international school while you are in Abu Dhabi? Fees can be high and its worth considering negotiating an allowance into your employment contract.