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Posted by Vedika Anand
on 26 Dec 2016
My husband may relocate to Bangkok from India next year. We have 2 sons studying in Delhi, doing the CBSE curriculum. My elder son is now in the 11th grade. Is there a CBSE school in Bangkok I could transfer him to, to complete his education or is it better he completes it here?
Anonymous (not verified) on 18 Jan 2017
Thanks Megan and Kim. Megan I tried to get in touch with GIIS but have not got a reply from them. Kim I have spoken to a couple of schools and will be getting their feed back. Will get in touch if I get stuck. Thanks once again
Kiminbkk on 18 Jan 2017
Hi Vedika! Did you got the answer you were looking for? I know a lots of Indian people are moving to Bangkok now. Usually their kids go to a International school IB American or UK curriculum. If you need any help let me know, im in Bangkok and have helped a lots of Indians relocate. Kim
Meagan on 3 Jan 2017
Hi Vedika,

As far as I can tell, the only CBSE school in Bangkok is the Global Indian International School, which has a number of campuses worldwide. If attending this school, it should be possible for your sons to continue/complete their education in Bangkok.

KionaVickroy on 28 Sep 2017
I have been living in Bangkok, for atleast 3 years now with my family. We are from Australia and transferred here due to my work assignment. As a parent, I am very critical in finding the right school for my son. Gladly, I found the right school which is Bangkok Prep. I would highly recommend this school as I am very satisfied with the level of education and great sense of community there. It's made the moving process easier on my child. It also has a fantastic location in the Thong Lo neighborhood and easy accessibility to the BTS. You can get info from this page - Also, the school has recently opened a brand new secondary school campus.