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on 25 Aug 2016

I read the post by D1238490 and felt so insecure about my possible relocation to Jozi! My would-be monthly salary is a tax free R17300. A mere R10000 for relocation to (not from) South Africa. My job will be a 18-month university project. I am originally a Southern European living in North Europe for 16 years now. I would relocate alone, and my biggest worry is if my monthly salary will be enough to purchase some safety. I don't drive and I am a modestly-built middle aged man. I am really perplexed and cannot decide. I cannot rely on other funds and I should not have to use my little savings while working in Jozi. But, if I accept the position I am afraid that I will have to. Even then, I would only raise something like R20000p/m. It seems to me based on what I read in various forums and blogs that a 1-bedroom furnished flat in an apartment building with 24h security in a relatively safe area would be around R8000-R10000. This amount might not even include utilities. This means that half of my monthly salary could go to basic house expenses. Am I wrong in my math and/or my estimates? Or does this sound like a low-paid job offer in order to relocate from North Europe to South Africa? After the 18 months there is no guarantee I would get something better (probably not), and I would have to return home with almost no savings! Please, dear expats share with me your wisdom living in Jozi.

Thank you!
Anonymous (not verified) on 13 Sep 2016
... maybe you could do better somewhere else?
Anonymous (not verified) on 19 Oct 2016
i am a south african and R17000 is a low salary to cater for all monthly needs and also save. It would be fine if your offer included accomodation. So my honest opinion...try get a better offer. Good luck
Anonymous (not verified) on 5 Nov 2016
Thank you for your responds. I am still open to the idea of relocating, although social unrest in S.A. might be more of a deterrent than a so-and-so salary. Thank you!