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Posted by H.G
on 23 Oct 2017
Hello All, I am looking into an assignment in the UAE sometime early next year with my wife and kids. I have read several articles on this topic but but my situation has some caveats that those articles do not address. I know there are income, housing, and health insurance requirements when sponsoring a parent which will not be an issue for me. However here is my situation; 1 - Me and my family are all US nationals. 2 - My mother is a US national. 3 - My work Visa will be out of Dubai. 4 - My housing/residence will be in Abu Dhabi. When starting the sponsorship process for my mother I will have to show income, housing, and health insurance for her. Since I will be sponsoring out of Dubai but my house will be in Abu Dhabi will that cause road blocks? Note my apartment/house will be 4 or 5 BR so ample room. Thanks in advance for any feedback. Regards, H.G
EmmaL on 23 Oct 2017
Hi H.G.

These types of visas are handled on a case by case basis, and if you have circumstances that deviate from the norm, it will usually complicate matters slightly. However, you won't know until you start the procedure. The best advice I can give you is to speak to Immigration and raise your concerns there.