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on 26 Oct 2012
Hi everyone! I am moving to Florence, Italy in April and starting at a small art school. I just have a few questions that I was hoping you all could help me out with. As far as the student visa application goes, do I need to find an apartment prior to arriving in Florence or can I just show up and look for a place once I arrive? Second, I am looking for a room in a house to rent with local Italian people. I would prefer a house with 2 or more other Italians that are around the age of 25. If anyone can tell me where I should be looking to find a place such as this, I would appreciate it more than ever. Thanks SO much to anyone that can help me. Kadin
GabyS on 29 Oct 2012
Hi Kadin

Have a look at Accommodation in Florence for an overview - there's a link to a website where you can look for accommodation.

Yes, you will need to organise accommodation before you arrive. However, I don't think this means you have to actually sign a lease - you can book yourself into a backpackers at first, for example, and take proof of this with you, as well as a letter detailing your plans for finding accommodation, when you apply for the student visa. You chould give your local embassy a call to double check on this point. Where are you moving from?
Anonymous (not verified) on 29 Oct 2012
Hey, Thanks Gabi! What do you think would be a good area of Florence for someone that doesn't want to be in the super touristy area but still wants to be somewhat close to Santa Croce? I am 27 and like to go out occasionally but don't want to be crammed into the "Disneyland" like center. The school I will be attending is in Santa Croce and I would love to be able to walk to and from school every day. That is good news that I can first book a hostal and then look for an apartment. I was kind of concerned about that. I will call my embassy to get exact details about how to do that. I am moving from the U.S. Thanks again Gaby! Kadin
GabyS on 30 Oct 2012
Also, remember a lot of apartments can be rented short-term - by the day even - so "finding an apartment" doesn't mean signing on for a long-term commitment. I suggest finding something near to your school to start with while you orientate yourself and then and then looking for something better once you're in town and can look around to get a better feel for the different areas in the city. You'll have a better idea than I do about what you're looking for :) 

There are loads of online apartment websites to start you off. Be prepared to be shocked at the price though - a lot of tourists go this route which drives up the price. Try these guys for example: or this one

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