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on 29 Mar 2015
I am a dentist (Greek) and I am interested in working in the Netherlands. I have browsed through many job offers full time and part time. I always see something like 100.000-150.000 Euros per year gross. What should I make out of this? How much is taxation and other staff for doctors/dentists? In an nutshell how much is going to be my net profit? Will I be able to afford my living in the Netherlands?
Anonymous (not verified) on 24 Apr 2015
Hello fellow Greek! 100.000-150.000 euros salary per year is very high, but dentists are known to get a high salary. The average income for a dentist is 3.300 euros a month. That is 40.000 euros a year. After tax, that is about 20.000 euros remaining. You will definitely be able to live comfortably with that salary in the netherlands.