Posted by colabottle
on 4 May 2017
I have a 2-3 month contract in Dubai and have been told by the business that I can do this on my tourist visa. At the end of each 30 day tourist visa I would have to do a 'passport run' to Oman to get a further 30 days. Is this legal? Thanks
Catherine on 5 May 2017
Hi collabottle, this is certainly not legal. In order to work legally in Dubai, you require a residency visa, which will then allow you to obtain a work permit. The work visa is usually linked to your specific job and the employer normally acts as the sponsor for the visa and should handle most of the process on your behalf. For more general info, have a look at our pages on Visas for Dubai and Work Permits for Dubai.

I'd think very carefully about accepting any work in Dubai if the company is not prepared to go through the correct channels in order to make your stay there legal. And the penalties for transgressions can be quite harsh, so it's really not worth the risk.