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on 13 Sep 2012
Hi Dear , i am Pakistani. i have offer from one of the hotel of abu dhabi they sent me immigrant visa now they want me to join them with inn one week can you tell me what the further steps i should take from my side means do i have to hire any protector or any documents for my safety ?
Shantalie on 14 Sep 2012
Hi Rubbab,

Your employer should have sent you a comprehensive list of documents needed for them to obtain your entry permit. It is best to have these documents notarised.

When you say you have an immigrant visa do you mean an entry permit? This will allow you into the country, but you will still need to undergo some medical tests, once these have a come back clear and as long as your don't have HIV, TB or Hep B, your employer can submit the documents for your residence visa and labour card.

Read more about the visa/work permit process on the Expat Arrival's pages - Visas for Abu Dhabi and Work permits for Abu Dhabi.

I hope this helps :)
Faisal Zai on 13 Sep 2012
Hi, yes if you are living in khi you have to go government office ok. if you want to know the whole procedure please call me i will tell you. 0300-8150440
Anonymous (not verified) on 3 Dec 2012
how about my visa is mine but the picture was not mine? how can i solve this.