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Posted by KatarinaMil
on 15 Sep 2017
Hello, I currently live and work in Italy with work permit and I am wondering what do I need to do with Nulla Osta and work permit if I change a job? Do I need a new Nulla Osta? And what is the process to renew work permit? Best regards, Katarina
EmmaL on 18 Sep 2017
Hi Katarina

Work permits and visas and such are handled very much on a case by case basis. Your best bet is to talk directly to your embassy. Where are you from originally? Have a look at our page on work permits in Italy for some more information.

Hope this helped!
Anonymous (not verified) on 18 Sep 2017
Hello Emma, I have read a lot on work permits, but my question was if I need to change it or get a new Nulla Osta in case of changing job in Italy. I hope now the question is clear. Katarina
EmmaL on 18 Sep 2017
Hi Katarina

Since work permits are handled by employers, yes, you will probably need a new Nulla Osta when you change jobs. It will be best to talk to your new employer and go to immigration to find out what you need to do.

Good luck,
Anonymous (not verified) on 23 Dec 2017
After arrival in italy,when can i migrate my family from india to italy.
Anonymous (not verified) on 9 Feb 2018
Hi Katarina Do you have to have a job to get a work permit? I am interested in returning to work, but when I got my residence permit renewed I didn't have a job. My other question is what do you need if you want to work as a Freelance Teacher? Cheers, Cathy

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