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on 16 Jan 2018
Does it exist?
Anonymous (not verified) on 1 Feb 2018
Yes North are more rude cold south are all heart friendly
Anonymous (not verified) on 20 Feb 2018
We have had a house in the south of Italy for ten years now ,and the people are the friendliest you could find ,and it is cheaper to live here.
Chantel2 on 5 Nov 2018

We are planning to move to Italy in 2 years. We have been thinking of buying property in Sicily but have heard so many conflicting stories....its rundown..etc etc....We do carpentry and refurbish old furniture (basically painting modernise old pieces)so that will be how we will make our money. Do you think there is a market down there for it?


Would love to hear what you think?


Daniela de Castro on 1 Mar 2018

Hi there

Generally speaking, the Northern region of Italy is considered to be more costly than the South. However, this will depend on whether you are considering moving to an urban or rural area.

Which city are you considering moving to? Have a look at the Cost of Living in Italy guide for some general information on expats' most common expenses.

- Daniela

Anonymous (not verified) on 4 Mar 2018
Taxes are higher south of Rome because there is another non-governmental taxing authority.