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on 27 Aug 2015
Please could you assist us with some information/advice on choosing a state in the USA. The states we are able to choose from are Washington DC, Houston, Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco. We are parents aged under 40 and have kids aged 14 and 4. We currently live in a very fast paced city, love travel and exploring any new city. We are looking for a good modern area, good schools and safe. Any help would be great, Thanks.
AlexL on 2 Sep 2015

Your question is rather broad, so I would suggest you have a look at our U.S.A guide. Have a look at the states featured, which can hopefully provide some advice for which place best suits your needs.

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Aquamarina on 28 Aug 2015
Hi LB Thats a hard one..My ED lives off the coast of Seattle and thinks thats heaven.She also loved Boston.New York,Connecticut , and Seattle so it's horses for courses really. There are good sites online which will give you city ratings from everything from crime rate to personal happiness. I would recommend you start with those and weed out a few.Then think about west coast as opposed to East coast.One much more relaxed,the other more formal.Then if you need to travel back to see relatives etc..time difference. For us it's pain as she is now 8 hrs difference time wise.FT and SKYPE are a nightmare as neither of us feels good. good luck