What's the work culture in New Zealand like?

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By cornwall - Posted on
11 April 2011
Hi Everyone...

I'm planning on doing the expat thing in New Zealand, and just wondered if anyone could give me a heads-up about what to expect from the work culture over there. 

Any insights would be appreciated.

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Well, compared to the United States at least, people take more breaks here...tea in the morning, long lunches, etc. Being a workaholic isn’t too important here. There’s far less pressure to put in the extra hours here than in the USA. People here, workers and employers alike, seem to appreciate the importance of a work-life balance and a good amount of time off. People rarely go around expressing how busy they are over and over again, the way they do in the States.

So while hard work is greatly, deeply valued here, but so is having a life outside. I believe the base holiday time for any job is now 4 paid weeks per year. Some employers might let you take some unpaid time, too.

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