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on 31 Oct 2014
Hi I am planning on movin to barcelona with my new partner and my kids (if the want to) I'd just like to kno more about the place, and to b sure if a place exists that I am moving to. Hope some 1 can help
Xavier on 3 Nov 2014
Hi Eve

We updated our Barcelona guide a month or two ago. You'll get all kinds of info about transport, kids' attractions, education and leisure.

The guide starts with Moving to Barcelona.

For more general information, you might also want to check out our Spain guide, which starts with Moving to Spain.

Best of luck,

Anonymous (not verified) on 6 Nov 2014
hi thanks for that, as iv said my partner has a house there i just hope its all true but i wont know until i have a holiday there next year. n then if it is then i will be movin.