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Posted by ElizabethBennet
on 2 Sep 2017
Hi, we have just moved to Abu Dhabi from Singapore and would like to get in touch with British and international expats. We were members of the British Association in Singapore. Does something like this exist in Abu Dhabi? Thank you in advance for your help!!!
EmmaL on 11 Sep 2017
Hi Elizabeth

There are many websites and forums that help you to meet other expats. Meetup has different groups depending on interests, and you can meet locals as well as other expats.

How long are you planning to stay in Abu Dhabi? If you're often moving to new places, Internations is a popular site, and it's all over the globe. They often host meet-ups for expats to get to know each other and make friends.

Hope this helped!
Elina on 22 Sep 2017
Hi Elizabeth For meeting and getting to know expats have a look at this group: I have this website several times and got many acquaintances in US. You can also have a look here if it's your first visit to Abu Dhabi to get to know the city: Hope you find the info useful :)