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Posted by deadlydiego
on 18 May 2016
Hi I am interested in re-locating permanently to Canada and I am not sure where I start with this process. I currently work as an Senior Electrical Designer working on a large scale project for a company providing vessels for the government. My partner is a Senior Teaching Assistant. Is there any work within these sectors which allow us to consider immigration to Canada? Any help in where to start the process of looking into moving there would be greatly appreciated. Regards Marc
Anonymous (not verified) on 23 May 2016
Marc, You do not say from which country you originate from. There are two ways to emigrate to Canada. As an Entreupreneur or to be on the government list of needed skills. As an entrepreneur you will have to invest into setting up a business in Canada and employing , I believe at least one Canadian . The investment used to be $250K but I believe it has now doubled.Which you can find on the website. Depending where you are will make a difference for the time for your application to be processed. i.e. if you are Turkish up to 4 years. IF you have family there then there is the family reunification scheme. Canada is a very large country but , unlike the US , it does not have a large industrial infrastructure and finding employment can be difficult
MaryClark on 11 Aug 2016
I think you should start from calculating your chances and selecting the program that would fit you. You can do this on the official site for Immigration Canada.