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Posted by tompitman
on 21 Feb 2012
Are you a parent with children at school in Madrid? Can you offer advice on the best international schools in Madrid for the children of British and American expats? We are putting together a schools guide for expats moving to Madrid and it would be really helpful to get advice from expats living in Madrid. We are listing the following schools 

International College Spain
Hastings School
City Country School
King's College British School of Madrid
American School of Madrid
British Council School
International School of Madrid
Runnymede College
Queen Elizabeth School
St Ann's School

Are there any schools we are missing?

If you have or have had a child at one of these schools please take a moment to write a review below on the school.

Anonymous (not verified) on 16 Apr 2012
Tom, Did you get some reviews on International schools in Madrid. We're due to relocate in the summer & we're finding it difficult to determine which school is best for us. I'm British with two kids 9 yrs & 12 yrs.
Pierre-Alban Waters on 16 Apr 2012
Hi everyone, I can first help by giving some key advice about schools and family-friendly neighborhoods in Madrid: - Best schools for expat kids in Madrid: Yes, there is no reliable open information to evaluate each school. Each schools does not want to reveal even their prices. With my experience I have been collecting benchmarking data and I can share with you our map centralizing all the best schools for expat kids in Madrid - the first of its kind: - Family-friendly neighbourhoods: According to my experience, I recommend the following family-friendly neighbourhoods detailed in this article: As you can see, almost all good private schools for expat kids are in the northern part of Madrid and its northern affluent suburbs.Therefore, if you live in: - an affluent suburb, you will normally find good expat schools within 10-20 minutes by car, - one family-friendly neighbourhood of Madrid city center, you either have LEK in the center (10-15 minutes) or more choices of schools within 20-30 minutes metro in the north-eastern part of Madrid. I believe in enabling expats to live their life in this city I love: Madrid. I believe in doing it in a simple, human and remarkable way. I happen to do relocation in a human way because this is what is missing in Madrid. If you think I can help, I'll be delighted to have a skype chat. All the best, Pierre -
Anonymous (not verified) on 6 May 2012
I´m from another country, but I´m looking for the same and I haven´t found yet. We can only find "opinions" without any "name" or "data". Only... "if you look, if you search... you may find.. it´s the best to... bla bla bla..." but no names and datas. Nothing really useful.
Pierre-Alban Waters on 7 May 2012
Yes, your are right there is no reliable open information to evaluate each school. That's because they do not want to reveal even their prices, and resist all attempts I have made to unifying the datas and reviews - typically spanish. For past clients of my relocation company, I have been collecting benchmarking data and I can share with you our map centralizing all the best schools for expat kids in Madrid - the first of its kind. For my clients, I go deeper and then I help to make sure we find the best school according to their criteria, by going to each school, and collected fresh verified data: compare prices, number of pupils per class, mix of locals and foreign students, I contact parents with kids in the school to collect at least 2-3 reviews per shortlisted school. This takes a lot of work, and needs updating, therefore I do it every year for the schools matching the criteria of my clients. In a year or two, I hope to create a website with all my results. For now, all I can do is the interactive map I made of the best schools for expat kids in Madrid according to my reserach for clients: . If I can help you, do contact me at ! All the best, Pierre
Anonymous (not verified) on 12 Feb 2013
I am more than happy to share my experience with City Country School. We are a British family who after spending 5 years in Singapore decided to relocate back west and chose Madrid as our destination. We have 2 young children so choosing the right school was a prioroty and we flew over last summer to visit 6/7 schools. Our last visit was City Country and immediately felt it was right for our eldest child (younger one not in school yet) the school is Montessori based which we were already familiar with. It really feels like a family school. The staff / teachers are great, very welcoming and accomodating. Our daughter settled in on day one and by the end of the first week was upset that she couldnt go in on a saturday. She loves going to school, which is something i never did ! Obviously when you make a move to Madrid you will want to see more than one school, but i can seriously reccomend taking a look at City Country as an option. Also, speak to Pierre from an earlier post. His help is invalable when relocating and settling in Madrid.
Anonymous (not verified) on 26 Apr 2013
St Georges School was missing from your list.
KB on 7 May 2013
NUMONT SCHOOL in Arturo Soria is also missing from your list. Small school, British curriculum for children from 3-11 years. Highly recomendable.
Anonymous (not verified) on 25 Sep 2013
St. Geoges school in my opinion is not a good school , we used to live in hong kong and my daughters was average but when we came to St. Geoges they had the highest leve in the whole class. My oldest daughter in year 9 is reading a book in English that she already read in year 4. And also they almost have Spanish ever day, which will not be really important for GCSE, unlike English which they only have twice a week. Hope this will help you.
Colegios Brita… on 28 Oct 2013
St George´s school Madrid, follows the British National Curriculum in its entirety. This includes the books that the children study in each year group. These books are not chosen for the level of the children in the school but according to the year group recommendations of the National Curriculum. The work studied on these books should then be adapted to the children´s individual abilities. We teach Spanish daily as all British schools in Spain have to do by Spanish Education Law, this means that the children can then validate their studies in Spain as well as the UK. We have a warm and loving ethos at the school where every child is made to feel secure and confident. We welcome visits and trial days for children to see how they find the lessons and the ambiance. Please see our website for more information.
Anonymous (not verified) on 29 Jan 2014
Madrid Montessori school is also missing from your list. My 5 years old daughter is in her third year, her last one before primary school, and we are really happy with it. Pure Montessori method though, which is meant for all children nut not for all parents!
Anonymous (not verified) on 9 Feb 2014
We are an American family with our 5 year old in his 2nd year at Madrid Montessori. Our younger child will start there next year. We are extremely happy with its respectful, nurturing environment. And our son runs in the door everyday with a huge smile on his face!
Anonymous (not verified) on 16 Feb 2014
Hi, Where is a good neighbourhood within walking/cycling distance to City and Country School? Thanks
Anonymous (not verified) on 5 Jun 2014
how much is the montessori?