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on 1 Dec 2014
Hi, I am moving to lagos shortly, and would like to know which areas does the expat communities reside in? Thanks a stack, Regards, Janni
Favor Otemabor… on 25 Jan 2015
Hello Janni, if you are looking to coming to lagos for instance, I recommend living in Lekki or Victoria Island.
abhi@mumbai on 12 Jun 2015
Hi, I Have 4+ Years Experience & From Mumbai India, I got job offer as DTIT (Digital Technology and IT) Manager in Lagos city , with 28348 US Dollar /Per Annum with Other benefits: * Holidays – 20 working days (4 weeks) * 2-3 bed flat unfurnished accommodation * Company pool car * Pool car Driver * Medical insurance * Telephone – internal CDMA + monthly credit allowance * Company performance-based bonus scheme in accordance with company policy. Please let me know , Is it good Offer ?
pramu5 on 20 Mar 2015
hi, dont know if this is the correct place to ask. but I found that there are accomodations available for 70,000 USD per year as well as 5M Naira per year for similar area properties. Why such a vast difference?
alisska_leto on 24 Apr 2015
hello Janni, what I can say is that I strongly recommend you to avoid Ikeja, I used to stay there once during my business trip and that was a total mess(((((((