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on 15 Apr 2017
I am a Swiss/Nigerian citizen and so are my kids. I would like to relocate to the UK for educational purposes. I have kids in pre-university, Secondary and Primary level. I would like to find out what my odds are for my kids to go to school there, financially speaking (low cost or no cost at all), and I would like to know areas where the cost of living is affordable, areas that have schools for an ADHD child.
Shantalie on 21 Apr 2017
Hi Bernadette,

What visa will you be on when you move to the UK?

Expats who legally have a reason to live/work in the UK can send their children to a British state (public) school at no cost. However, you may need to contribute towards the cost of uniforms and school excursions, etc.

The standard of state schools in the UK vary quite significantly depending on the area you live in. Some are really good and the others are struggling to meet basic standards. You can check OFSTED's website to get an idea of how good a school is. 

For some background information check out the Expat Arrivals page on Education and Schools in the UK for more info.

Good luck


BernadetteIbecheole on 25 Apr 2017
Hi thank you for your response. The children are Swiss citizens. Do they ab advantage to school there at no cost?